Our Core Values: Pride In Who We Are

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is governed by a set of core values that underlie all our operations. These values reflect a culture of pride in all that we do—our mission, our vision, and our dedicated team.

Our Mission

Train people for successful, family-sustaining careers in the Las Vegas hospitality industry

Our Vision

Reduce poverty and eliminate unemployment by providing vocational and job-readiness training to youth, adults, and displaced workers.

PRIDE (People-Respect-Integrity-Diversity-Education)


To fulfill our mission, we serve various members of our community—students, interns, clients, employer partners, community groups, and the Culinary and Bartender unions. By working together, we can accomplish great things.


We respect the people we serve; we respect each other; and we respect everyone’s ideas and contributions to the organization. This consideration is reflected in how we communicate, interact, and treat each other every single day.


We expect absolute integrity from our staff, including honesty, ethical behavior, and good citizenship. We demonstrate integrity through all that we do—our actions, our decisions, our attitudes, and our daily work ethic. The Academy relies on the staff’s expertise and professionalism. We are committed to making a difference in people’s lives.


Diversity lies at the heart of the Academy and reflects the community we serve. We believe that varied backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences, and beliefs contribute to valuable new ideas and perspectives. In the Academy’s diverse environment, we respect individual differences. A diverse staff, leadership, and student body allow us to respond to the demands of a complex, ever-changing workplace.


Training is our central mission. We help students and interns gain the skills they need to make a better life for themselves and their families. We hold staff accountable for upholding our training principles and adhering to the highest industry standards. We also focus on furthering our own knowledge. We strive for continuous improvement–to teach, learn, and grow as individuals and as a team.

Our Training Principles

  • Our training is the central mission of the Academy.
  • Our training results in employment.
  • Our training requires a strong labor-management partnership.
  • Our training is delivered by industry experts.
  • Our training is hands-on, relevant, and customizable.
  • Our training is student-centered and competency-based.
  • Our training respects the dignity of the individual.
  • Our training relies on teamwork.
  • Our training encourages diversity.
  • Our training is strategic.

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